Farewell, Autumn

Autumn is by far my absolute favorite season of the year and it always seems like it comes and goes in a blink. Winter holds on way too long, and Summer and Spring usually last their standard 3 month window. But Autumn, you tricky little fella, you tease us all with a sweet sampling of your glory and then vanish within weeks to be quickly replaced with Winter, my most dreaded of all. I love the holidays, and I don’t mind the snow aesthetically, but living far away from family I really loathe driving home on the winter roads for the holidays, and between Caleab’s family and mine, we have many many trips up north that must be driven in winter.

This morning I woke up and what did I find but snow. Now I realize that much of this crazy weather is from ‘Sandy’, but it just does not seem to me that autumn will be back, save for a few days sprinkled here or there. I guess this means I should put my holiday boots on and jump right in. Farewell, beloved Autumn. You will be missed.


A Few Halloween Treats

We get pretty excited about holidays in our house, but for some reason this year, Halloween has seemed to have gotten swept under the rug. Oh, we have costumes picked out and a few decorations up, but usually it is all on a much grander scale. I did manage to catch a few things in photograph that had something or another to do with Halloween and I present them here for your viewing pleasure:

“You talkin’ to me?”

Just a Baby Spider-man browsing through the store, no big deal.


Rudy Mae thoroughly enjoyed these Spider-man glasses.

She really loves hats. She will leave them on forever.

Part of the costume we decided on. At that moment she actually did NOT love hats and refused to wear the gnome hat/beard that completes the look.

Yellow Springs holds an annual Zombie Walk every year. The boys have always enjoyed participating, but this year we took Roo up too. I’m not sure how she felt…(I promise, she thought it was fun. That zombie is my friend Natalie and Rudy knows her.)

Ziven opted to be a zombie hunter this year.

I just can’t ever be serious, and if there’s any time to be serious, it’s when you’re being attacked by a zombie.

Calum was your typical zombie and did quite a splendid job at it. Creep. (I cropped this photograph because two of Calum’s friends were in it and out of respect for them and their parents, I did not want to included them not knowing if they would be okay with it.)

They were setting off paper laterns at the Zombie Walk and in the midst of all the doom and creepiness, it was a rather lovely moment of calm.

Happy Halloween to you and yours!

Hobbit Puppets!

I cannot seem to get enough classical music right now. I listen to it while I drive, while I clean, while Rudy Mae and I are coloring. A few weeks back I was listening to our local all-classical-music radio station while I was driving the van at work. I work with adults with developmental disabilities and when we’re in the van I usually put on their favorite music (today’s top hits, usually) because it is their van and their time, and I’m just there working. This day, however, their station was on commercials so I flipped to said classical station and caught the tail end of some beautiful music. As it was ending, one of the ladies started talking with me, so even though it went to talking on the radio, I didn’t change it because I was engaged in conversation. And thank goodness I didn’t change it! I thought I heard the word “hobbit” and my ears immediately perked up. Caleab and I are hobbit-crazy and all-things-Tolkien-lovers. As soon as our conversing was over, I turned up the radio, but I was too late. The discussion was over, and all I caught was something about The Dayton Art Institute. At my very first chance, I got online and went to DAI’s website and typed in “hobbit” in their search bar. The top result was exactly what I was looking for. A theater company called “The Zoot Theater Company” was going to be doing a few week long perfromance of “The Hobbit” with puppets. I got pretty excited, but the tickets were nearly $20 each, and Caleab and I just aren’t accustomed to spending money like that on ourselves.

When I arrived home, I still decided to tell Caleab about what I heard and, thenceforth, researched, in an “Isn’t that awesome, maybe some day in like 20 years we can do something like that” kind of way. But Caleab refused to accept that thinking. It was our anniversary right around the showtimes and he just flat out said “We are doing this.” Besides it being our anniversary, the fact that we never spend money, go out, or are without the children was all the more reason. We deserved this. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized he was right. Besides a total of probably 6 hours, no joke, Rudy has never been out of my care, save for when I’m at work. Rudy Mae is over 19 months old. And those six hours weren’t for recreation, they were meetings for work that I had to attend, but Caleab was working himself, so he couldn’t be with her either. I decided that I would really try to let go of financial worries and that weird guilt feeling that even just thinking about doing something without the children gives me, and just enjoy the fact that I was actually going to go on a date with my husband.

The $40 was still a little hard to swallow, but as soon as we were driving in the car- gasp! alone- and singing together very loud, as is our custom, I was nothing but excited. When we arrived at the theater, I was thrilled with the charming, historic, original elements and the quaint size. It was not small, per se, but I was picturing a bit bigger. The show itself was absolutely amazing. It was one of those puppet shows where the puppets are around half the size of the person performing them, and the performers wear all black from head to toe so you easily forget they are there. The entire atmosphere was exactly what we as a couple needed, and I loved every second of our evening.

On our way to the theater!

The Dayton Art Institute. It was a wee bit dark, I apologize.

In front of the DAI. We cherished the first date that we had gotten since our honeymoon, if that is even considered a ‘date’.

Movie Night!

Caleab and I are transplants here in Yellow Springs, so we don’t have many friends. Slowly but surely we are meeting people but it’s not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Some of the most wonderful friends that we do have down here, though, are Caleab’s co-workers and their families. They live relatively close, some of them right here in Yellow Springs, so it makes it easier to get together with them for a little party now and then and that is just what we have been doing lately. There are parties dotted throughout the year, but our most recent engagements have been an every other Monday Movie Night.

It all started when ‘Jaws’ was released on Blu Ray and some people got terribly excited about it. A group of us got together at Jay and Heather’s gorgeous house, ordered pizza and hung out for a while before the movie started. At that point, Rudy Mae, Heather, and I ventured into another room, got out coloring supplies for Rudy, and chit-chatted all evening. It was really nice to get to talk with an adult woman, so even though I didn’t get to experience the purpose of the party, I still had a very fun time. A lot of the other movies featured for Monday Movie Night were very adult horror movies, so myself and all of the children stayed home for those.  And the giddy excitement had died down a bit after the ‘Jaws’ night, so there wasn’t as much dressing up and silliness for the following parties, but they were still just as fun. Here are a few photographs from that first night.

Caleab and Calum had to make these ‘masks’ last minute before we left to go there and it made us a bit late, but they were the hit of the party!

Jaws on Blu Ray.

Joanne, Jay’s mom, stopped by. This woman has quite the commitment with all she does.

Some of the people that showed up, snacking and figuring out what to order for pizza.

My boys, or should I say ‘young men’, Calum on the left and Ziven on the right. Ziven would not be happy if he knew I posted this photograph!

Jay and Heather live in a very old, Victorian house and when they moved in, there were many things left behind, some of which they know what they are, and some which they don’t. I am left in awe every single time I go over there.

This is huge and heavy and old as dirt and it’s hanging on the patio wall. They have absolutely no idea what it is and neither do I.

An absolutely gorgeous chandelier greets you as you enter the house through double doors…sigh…

View from below.

Rudy Mae and I goofing off.

Ready to take a serious one? Oh, you’re not. Okay.

Calum came in for a photo op.

She is very serious about her coloring.

Rudelle was having a very good time.

I really loathe my flash being reflected, but I was in a hurry out the door and wanted to snap a last photograph really quick. Everything in the house is oozing with character. The Victorian charm is still heavy throughout and it is just an absolutely breathtaking home.

I really hope that this is not a passing phase that will quickly die out. I have such a good time, and I know Caleab probably does more so. Even on the nights when I cannot join him, it is good for his soul to get out of the house now and then and watch movies with friends. I wonder what our next movie will be…

Local Festivals

In Yellow Springs, there is often some kind of festival or fair going on. There is, of course, the infamous “Street Fair” that takes place in June and October, which is huge and takes over the whole town. There are two smaller ones that our family went to recently: Art on the Lawn, which is exactly what is sounds like- art for sale on the elementary school lawn (attended by Caleab, Calum, Rudy Mae, and myself), and Cyclops, “An epic festival of handmade goods, music, culture and DIY wonderfulness” (their own description) (attended by just Caleab, Rudy Mae, and myself). They are on a bit of a smaller scale, but still incredibly lovely to walk around, and of course, there’s always a little snack or two we must indulge in.

The first half of the photographs are from Art on the Lawn.

The second half are from Cyclops.

This is not to say that these two festivals plus the Street Fairs are all that Yellow Springs hosts. There are many, many more throughout the year, each one unique and wonderful in their own way.