Those Winter Blues

I feel them starting: those nasty, wasty winter blues. I just want green. Warmth. Brightness. Sunshine. Fresh air. I feel kind of bad, I wish I could love all seasons equally, but I am really over winter. This one hasn’t even been particularly harsh or anything but it’s just making me feel blah. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve been ill. Either way, I was living vicariously through photographs earlier and I think we all could use a little dose of some August Gems. Maybe I can will warmer weather to start soon if I keep posting photographs like these.


Wouldn’t you know it, she found a hole in the road. She loves to dig around in anything that has to do with dirt/rocks/pebbles/etc.


6 thoughts on “Those Winter Blues

  1. She is sooooo adorable!! I’m meeting with a family today to see about babysitting for them, they have a 5 month old and a 4 year old girl. I’m so excited to be taking care of girls again! <3

      • Hi,
        Yes! I’ve sat for them twice now. The 2yr old is a gem and we have great fun! The 5 mo old is teething and has cried a lot both times I’ve been there. The first time I actually had to call the parents to come home. They were glad I did and said that’s what they want me to do,
        I’m sitting for them 5 hours on Sunday, luckily she’s taking the baby so the 2 year old and I can PLAY!!!

    • This year has actually been pretty mild compared to other winters I’ve lived through (so far, gosh I would hate to jinx myself!) but it’s just so blah and grey. I hope you get an early spring as well!

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