A Few Facts

– I will never, ever tire of classical music.

– Houseplants are something that I desire to have a large abundance of someday. Right now, my two will do.

– Great Britain will have my footprint on it some day, mark my word. I have not been there yet, nor do I have any roots there, but something about it screams to me like it is a missing piece of my life.

– I try not to have a bunch of ‘stuff’ and am constantly weeding through our possessions. My one vice, however, is books. I own an enormous amount of books and dream that some day I will have a house where one whole room is a devoted library.

– My absolute favorite color in the world is brown. It is pure beauty.

– Music touches me in a very emotional way and can make me cry very easily.

– Tea warms my soul.

– I was raised vegetarian, then strayed for many years. I went back to vegetarianism about 3 years ago and have never looked back.

– The Beatles will always be my favorite musical group ever.

– I am always reading a book. Always.

– Even as an adult, I cannot handle peas. I have tried and tried again and I just can’t do it. They are just so horrible to me.


4 thoughts on “A Few Facts

  1. Oh we have much in common! Although I do have roots in Great Britain I’ve never been there, but I shall get there someday too! (My daughter went last spring-totally unfair!!) I have too much stuff (but I do have a hard time parting with most of it), own tons of books, am always reading one (and sometimes more) and our dream as well (my husband’s too) is to have a library. Although I wasn’t raised a vegetarian I tried it many years ago and gave up, but 3 years ago I started again and haven’t looked back either! I love houseplants (but have 7 in this room alone, I was a horticulture major) and I absolutely hate, hate peas!!! In fact I remember when my mother used to serve frozen chopped carrots and peas, yuck. I still can’t stand the colors orange and green together. :)

    And thank you so much for commenting on my photos! I appreciate the feedback (especially when it’s good, lol!). I have another blog, debsdiscoveries which chronicles my thrift store, garage sale, rummage sale adventures, and since I see you like vintage stuff too you might want to take a look.

    And your video is adorable! :)

    • Whoa! It’s insane how much we have in common just from these few little facts; I wonder what else will come up that we realize in the future as we continue following each other :) And yes, I am a bit obsessed with vintage/thrift stores/etc, so I definitely keep an eye on that blog!

      The one thing that I am drooling a little bit over at the second is the fact that you have 7 houseplants IN THAT ONE ROOM! I know who I am going to turn to with my plant questions from now on ;)

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am so pleased to hear of your interest in Britain. I love it but then I would I guess. Through a love of life and the natural world, I’ve also been a vegetarian for over thirty years so I’m sure I will find your writing of interest too.

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