I Hate A Tease.

The weather gets nice, then goes back to nasty bitterness. I can see spring just up ahead, then winter is slapping me in the face again. I’m getting really tired of it. Not to mention that everybody in my house has some level of sickness and I’m sure the bipolar weather is not helping it at all.

Yesterday, the weather was nice again (today it’s pretty foul) so what did Rudy and I do? How predictable can I get: we went on a little walk. There, sadly, is just not much to post about right now. I’ll get more creative soon, I promise, once my foggy-winter-head clears up.





Dreaming of Spring

In order to help me through this last dragging-on of Winter, I am trying to surround myself with Spring in whatever way I can. My lovely flower in the kitchen is one of my most cherished mood-lifters at the moment. My whole family has gotten the biggest kick out of watching this monster grow. It’s amazing, isn’t it, science and plants and growing and life?


Top View.

And speaking of science and plants and growing and life, Rudy Mae’s 2nd birthday is right around the corner. I am having quite a difficult time with this. I never experienced this with the boys, I was always super excited at every age change, but I always knew there was the possibility of more children along the way somewhere. I think now that I know Rudy is our last, I am having a much harder time dealing with her growing up. She is getting so incredibly smart, and so silly (I love it!), and so loving, and so beautiful. I am excited to see the little person she’s becoming, for sure, but I just want to keep her my baby for just a while longer.


Cue nee!

Play Group.

A Brief Warm-up

Taking full advantage of the oddly warm weather yesterday, Rudy Mae and I ventured out for a (wet and mucky) walk. She was so happy to be out of the house in fresh air, as was I. We really had a lovely time.




Please hurry, Spring.

Those Winter Blues

I feel them starting: those nasty, wasty winter blues. I just want green. Warmth. Brightness. Sunshine. Fresh air. I feel kind of bad, I wish I could love all seasons equally, but I am really over winter. This one hasn’t even been particularly harsh or anything but it’s just making me feel blah. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve been ill. Either way, I was living vicariously through photographs earlier and I think we all could use a little dose of some August Gems. Maybe I can will warmer weather to start soon if I keep posting photographs like these.


Wouldn’t you know it, she found a hole in the road. She loves to dig around in anything that has to do with dirt/rocks/pebbles/etc.

In The Trash

Wood and nails.

We passed by a garbage can topped with naily wood while on a walk a little ways back. I know it’s not too cold to go out for walks now, but it’s just not as comfortable as when it’s a bit warmer. This photograph makes me long for spring.

Outdoor Playtime

Being the youngest in a family where even your siblings are 10 years your senior, you almost live as an only child. Rudy Mae’s brothers are extremely involved with her, but they are almost more like a second set of mini-parents than siblings. When it comes to peer-interaction, Rudy is lacking, and sometimes that worries me as far as learning important life skills like sharing, playing nice, etc. Luckily, I have a friend in town in a very similar situation whose baby daughter is 3 months Rudy’s junior. Therefore, we try to get the girls together often so they can play and learn. Mostly this was being done at a house, or even a local coffee shop, but a couple Wednesdays ago, Victoria asked me to join her instead at a local playgroup that meets at a playground for approximately 2 hours in the morning. It is attended by kids from about 11 months up to almost 3 years old. It was a lovely time and Rudy Mae and Ainslee Mae continued to solidify their friendship and thoroughly enjoy each others company.

Ainslee Mae and Rudy Mae share a slide at the park.

Rudy is still a little more hesitant than Ainslee.

She’s saying “bebe” in a terribly goofy voice.

Shhh…don’t tell: we got this toy for Rudy Mae for Christmas because she loved playing with it with Ainslee so much!

Farewell, Autumn

Autumn is by far my absolute favorite season of the year and it always seems like it comes and goes in a blink. Winter holds on way too long, and Summer and Spring usually last their standard 3 month window. But Autumn, you tricky little fella, you tease us all with a sweet sampling of your glory and then vanish within weeks to be quickly replaced with Winter, my most dreaded of all. I love the holidays, and I don’t mind the snow aesthetically, but living far away from family I really loathe driving home on the winter roads for the holidays, and between Caleab’s family and mine, we have many many trips up north that must be driven in winter.

This morning I woke up and what did I find but snow. Now I realize that much of this crazy weather is from ‘Sandy’, but it just does not seem to me that autumn will be back, save for a few days sprinkled here or there. I guess this means I should put my holiday boots on and jump right in. Farewell, beloved Autumn. You will be missed.

Gone Berry Pickin’

So I’m still trying to catch up with postings and updates since the boys arrived back home but with being so busy with Operation Make Up For Lost Time, school starting back up, work, regular life craziness, etc, I am finding that what I am posting about is further and further in the past. Hopefully I can get on top of it and be back to real time, or as close to ‘real time’ as I can get as far as blogging is concerned. It’s just that I really have a preference for chronological order, with the rare case inserted here and there when I’m particularly excited about something and have to get it out of me right away (case in point, the ‘Fresh Baked Banana Bread’ post I made recently). Therefore, today’s post about going berry picking actually happened on August 26, an entire month ago. Enjoy all the same:

When trying to think of things that we could do as a family for Operation Make Up For Lost Time, my head kept coming back to a local orchard where you can pick your own berries. It wasn’t even about the berries. Yes, I thought they would taste good, and sure, all three kids can completely go through two whole grocery store packs of raspberries in one day, but more than that, I just kept seeing my kids together, laughing, loving, helping each other…it was the memory that I wanted more than anything. And I did get the memory, although it wasn’t as completely idyllic as I envisioned.

A few of our crew ended up being more concerned with the bees than the berries and left two of us to finish the picking while they went and walked around the shop. It all worked out, though, because it gave me some alone time with my eldest, and the other group found some awesome purple Amish Country popcorn that we popped up that very night in our Whirly Pop Popcorn Popper.

On our way to the field.

Ziven walking ahead on the path towards the berries.

She ate way more than she got in the basket, sweet little thing.

I was quite surprised that I could barely even smell this compost pile until I was right above it, taking a photograph of it, but, boy, then could I!

Besides the berries, this was our Piefer Orchards purchase.

As I was washing off the berries, etc, I was serenaded with some lovely ukelele songs.

Walks, Walks, Walks…

I have quite a bit of photographs lined up and waiting for their chance to star in a blog, but today we are going to revisit a common theme: Rudy Mae’s walks. She loves them. I love them. And they seem to produce some pretty decent photography.

Little legs are about the cutest thing on the planet.

Attempting stairs on her own.

Rudy holds out the flower we picked so I can see it.

Love the colors.


Caleab, when dealing with his own photography, enjoys editing it and making it as gorgeous as possible. Myself, for a quick fix, when throwing something up on Facebook or the likes, I enjoy a quick vintage edit on BeFunky, but I don’t want to feel like a cheater. So Caleab has been trying to teach me some of the features of Photoshop and I really enjoy changing a beautiful photograph to black and white, or changing the color curves and really enhancing the color of the captured moment. I am planning on eventually using more edited photographs for my blog, but that will take even more time, and we can all see how simply adding a quick raw photograph which does not take much time seems to be getting done a lot less than I would have liked. Until then, though, enjoy this sample of an edited photograph. It is a wonderfully adorable father/daughter moment.

It’s a bit dark; I might have eased up on that during editing, but I liked how the darks made the lights pop. I’m still learning. Either way, the photograph is precious. So there’s that.