I’m A Model, You Know What I Mean

I was looking through my “photographs” folder on my computer today, and I noticed that when Rudy Mae gets a hold of the camera, she tends to take a lot of photographs of me (well, that, and walls/ceilings). Apparently I am her muse ;)

I was getting a kick out of looking through her photos and I thought it would be cute to pick some of her better ones and make a post about them.

Pulling a face.



Underneath me.




Bath time

Let me get it out of the way: our bathroom is surely the number one worst room in our house for lighting but I really enjoy documenting all parts of our day. Now that it’s been noted, let’s move on.

Rudy Mae is getting so big and so bright. She amazes us every day and makes us die laughing every minute. She’s got quite the personality. Today at bath time, she was trying to unzip her sleeper herself and was having a bit of trouble. When I stepped in to help, she didn’t just forget about it and let me do it, she had to watch very intently as if to mentally document what I was doing differently so that she could do it on her own next time. I really love this girl.

Bath time.

Also, do you know how much better bath time is when you are serenaded through the whole process?


Music to my Soul

The other day I was getting ready to leave the house, and in the background, one of the absolute sweetest displays was going on; a regular occurrence in our house, so much to the point that I admittedly, sometimes, do not even pay attention to it. When I took a step back and quietly and unknowingly to the performers, really observed what was unfolding before me, I was overwhelmed with the beauty, the adorableness, the sweet memory making moment. I am so blessed to have the family that I do.

Caleab and Rudy Mae playing the piano together.

These moments are so heart wrenching, they make me feel like I could cry. Of course, I have a tendency to be over emotional, but I feel like I’m really not being over-exaggerate here.

I’ll try to not cry

Last August, my oldest two children’s dad, his wife and their baby moved to Minnesota. Seeing as they cannot get the boys every other weekend anymore, we have an informal agreement that we will try to get the boys to them certain holidays and a good chunk of the summer. On Thursday, I drove the boys to Toledo to meet up with their grandparents so that they could complete the drive to Minnesota. It was very hard on me. Even the days before I dropped them off, every time I thought about having to do it, my eyes would fill up. I’m especially worried for Rudy Mae. She is with her big brothers every day and loves them so incredibly much, it just hurts my stomach when I think about her being so sad and confused without them. I digress. My point is that the days building up to Thursday, we were busy making sure that they had everything they needed for their two month trip. On our last full day together, Ziven, Calum, Rudy Mae and I headed out to Target to pick up a few last things. We made it incredibly fun, making sure to get the best out of our last moments before we would not see each other for quite some time.

You can just see how much she adores him.

Calum was feeding her some snacks and taking pictures of her. She was loving every minute of it! Any brother-time is a good time!

They love each other like mad.

Rudy was helping Ziven get his shoes off so he could try on some sandals.

There was an overwhelming amount of sandals/flip-flops, etc, to choose from. I think it gave the boys a headache.

Rudy Mae wanted to walk walk walk forever and I had to help the boys, so after walking a few sections of the store over to get it (somewhat) out of her system, I carried her back to the cart and gave her my purse to try to occupy her.

This was probably the 37th pair he looked at.

And the winner is…

What felt like hours later…

They also got new hoodies. They both looked incredibly handsome in their pick, but one of them seemed to know it ;)

So now they’re gone, and I feel it necessary to point that out, lest you think that I favor my daughter judging by the next two months posts being filled with only her.