Dreaming of Spring

In order to help me through this last dragging-on of Winter, I am trying to surround myself with Spring in whatever way I can. My lovely flower in the kitchen is one of my most cherished mood-lifters at the moment. My whole family has gotten the biggest kick out of watching this monster grow. It’s amazing, isn’t it, science and plants and growing and life?


Top View.

And speaking of science and plants and growing and life, Rudy Mae’s 2nd birthday is right around the corner. I am having quite a difficult time with this. I never experienced this with the boys, I was always super excited at every age change, but I always knew there was the possibility of more children along the way somewhere. I think now that I know Rudy is our last, I am having a much harder time dealing with her growing up. She is getting so incredibly smart, and so silly (I love it!), and so loving, and so beautiful. I am excited to see the little person she’s becoming, for sure, but I just want to keep her my baby for just a while longer.


Cue nee!

Play Group.


Play Group: Not As Fun When You Are Cranky.

Living away from family and not knowing too many people where we moved to, pretty much all Rudy Mae has socially is her big brothers and her parents. We have a few friends, and one little friend in particular that Rudy Mae has play dates with now and then, but I started to feel really bad for her not having much around-her-age-interaction. I looked into our local library’s programs and they hold a baby and toddler play group on Thursday afternoons. Around Rudy’s first birthday, we started attending said play group. It took quite a few attendances for Rudy Mae to finally warm up and leave my lap, but once she ventured out, she really enjoyed herself. I am always so happy to go the Play Group because I know it is good for her and that she has more fun than when we’re just sitting at home.

The only thing that I am not particularly fond of is the timing of it. Play Group starts at 2pm and that almost always falls right when Rudy Mae is napping. It is usually around the end of the nap, at least, so in the case of last week, I woke her up from her nap a tad early so we could make Play Group.

This was a mistake.

Rudy Mae was playing with the little planes, trains, and automobiles that connect together for most of the hour. She usually plays around the entire room so I could tell that she was in a mood when she barely left that spot the whole time.

Every single piece she pulled out of this box, she had to smell before she played with it. Oddball!

Rudy is really big on putting smaller objects inside bigger ones.

Toys everywhere.

Not that I think my child is a genius or anything, but she is surprisingly good at these kinds of toys.

Although it’s out of focus, this is the face Rudy had on for 70% of the Play Group because someone was playing with something she wanted or some other calamity.

On the walls of the Play Group room hang some of the art that you can check out from the library.

Framed art.

After Play Group is over, everyone takes part in helping clean up, or at least that is the goal.

Earlier the week before, Rudy and I spent a little time at the library just for fun, no Play Group or anything. She loves the children’s section and all of its over-sized stuffed animals.

She was apparently very excited to be sitting on a bear’s lap.

Dream Big: READ.