Rain Play

I’m the worst. I cannot believe how long I’ve been letting slip between postings. I keep wanting to say “Ugh, I’ve been so busy…”, etc., it’s all the same- just crap excuses. I do apologize that I am a lazy, slothful chump. I have a feeling that I’m talking about more than blogging at this point…

So. Going back 11 days, Caleab and I stepped out front in a light drizzle and let Rudy Mae play and run. She loved it! And she committed. She didn’t just put out her fingers and feels the drops. She lounged in puddles and dug around in mud. It was pretty precious. And this time, Caleab had control of the camera, and he got some pretty great photographs.

Rudy was already splashing around by the time Caleab came back with the camera, so he tried to get this one quickly as he first stepped outside.

She made herself nice and cozy in the puddles.

She was really very excited to be getting all wet and dirty.

Every now and then she would just stop like she was just having the most relaxing moment.

Stomp stomp stompin’ around.

Ready to go inside?

Oh, no, she doesn’t want to go in, she just found some mud and gunk to play in. Of course.

Caleab edited this one, just changed the color curves slightly, but I wanted to include this one instead of the original because it really looks beautiful.

I saw this scene the day before the rain play, and it was so precious I had to take a photograph. She was laying there hugging Penny Lane for the longest time before I took this, and still even for a bit after. It was a stand alone photo, though, so I just tacked it on with these other ones.


Calm After the Storm

On Friday evening, our area got pounded by a storm that left many (though not us, thank heavens) without power, trees down, structural damage, the works. Just 48 hours later, another storm came rolling through that was very similar in rage. So many people still had not had their power restored from Friday, and then the new storm added even more problems. Caleab’s friend’s house was still out of power from Friday, and then thanks to Sunday’s wild weather, their neighbor’s tree fell into their yard, tearing off their gutter, ripping out their cable and blocking their car in. Our lights flickered a few times during Sunday’s storm and I got a knotty stomach each time, but our power persevered. I am incredibly grateful that we did not experience even a fraction of hardships as theirs. I was also grateful for the 30 degree drop in temperature in just minutes. As soon as the storm passed, in my excitement about the cool weather, I suggested that we go for a stroller-walk with Rudy Mae. Within minutes, we were on our way. Rudy had an absolute blast, as did Caleab and I.

The road to and from our place.

The sun was shining and so we were, when just a few minutes before, it was black as night.

I love how wooded our village feels.

What the heck is that?

This bush looked like fireworks going off; quite appropriate for the upcoming holiday.

On one of the street corners of our walk.

Still wet leaves enjoying the cool breeze.

She kept turning around telling Caleab and I all about the birds (mostly) and other things she was viewing and exploring on our walk.

Another street corner.

This twisted wood was so rich brown and beautiful; this photograph just does not do it justice.

The little leaf was holding onto the raindrop and refused to let go.

The top of one of those cement corner posts, covered with moss, bugs, and sunshine.

Bright and smooth: an extreme contrast to the rest of our walk.

So many leaves, twigs, pods, etc, were blown out of the trees during the storms.

The storm did not push this sign over, it’s always like this, I just liked how it looked.

The roads, sidewalks, and ground was completely littered with debris. Mostly it was much bigger sticks and branches. I did not think about that factor when I thought a stroller-walk would be fun. It was quite the obstacle course and full of stroller-pop-a-wheelies.

Headed around the corner towards home.

I said, “Phwew, all done!” and Rudy said “Ahh Duh!”, in that sing-song way. She says that when I’m reading her a book, too. Before we’re even at the end, she’ll close the book and say “Ahh Duhh!”