Gone Berry Pickin’

So I’m still trying to catch up with postings and updates since the boys arrived back home but with being so busy with Operation Make Up For Lost Time, school starting back up, work, regular life craziness, etc, I am finding that what I am posting about is further and further in the past. Hopefully I can get on top of it and be back to real time, or as close to ‘real time’ as I can get as far as blogging is concerned. It’s just that I really have a preference for chronological order, with the rare case inserted here and there when I’m particularly excited about something and have to get it out of me right away (case in point, the ‘Fresh Baked Banana Bread’ post I made recently). Therefore, today’s post about going berry picking actually happened on August 26, an entire month ago. Enjoy all the same:

When trying to think of things that we could do as a family for Operation Make Up For Lost Time, my head kept coming back to a local orchard where you can pick your own berries. It wasn’t even about the berries. Yes, I thought they would taste good, and sure, all three kids can completely go through two whole grocery store packs of raspberries in one day, but more than that, I just kept seeing my kids together, laughing, loving, helping each other…it was the memory that I wanted more than anything. And I did get the memory, although it wasn’t as completely idyllic as I envisioned.

A few of our crew ended up being more concerned with the bees than the berries and left two of us to finish the picking while they went and walked around the shop. It all worked out, though, because it gave me some alone time with my eldest, and the other group found some awesome purple Amish Country popcorn that we popped up that very night in our Whirly Pop Popcorn Popper.

On our way to the field.

Ziven walking ahead on the path towards the berries.

She ate way more than she got in the basket, sweet little thing.

I was quite surprised that I could barely even smell this compost pile until I was right above it, taking a photograph of it, but, boy, then could I!

Besides the berries, this was our Piefer Orchards purchase.

As I was washing off the berries, etc, I was serenaded with some lovely ukelele songs.


It probably comes as no surprise that living in a household that is constantly filled with music, most often, music from her dad Caleab, Rudy Mae seems to be a music lover. Since she was old enough to understand that music was being played, she was clapping to it, dancing to it, tapping to it, or singing to it. In his love for music, Caleab makes sure to have plenty of extra instruments that can be shared by all, from Ziven, Calum, and myself, to Rudy Mae. These instruments, although they technically make music, are not in the best condition, and would therefore not be much of a loss if a wife or child, not as familiar with those particular instruments, might damage one. Rudy Mae has been enjoying Caleab’s ukelele of this kind lately and can often be seen carrying it around with her. One afternoon, when she was in the kitchen and, in her mind, out of sight, she was absolutely jamming out. In the fashion of most children I know, once the camera got pulled out, she quieted down. I asked her a few times to sing me a song and she wasn’t having it. Once I kind of gave up and accepted the fact that she was not going to oblige me, she gave me a lovely, albeit short, performance.