Local Festivals

In Yellow Springs, there is often some kind of festival or fair going on. There is, of course, the infamous “Street Fair” that takes place in June and October, which is huge and takes over the whole town. There are two smaller ones that our family went to recently: Art on the Lawn, which is exactly what is sounds like- art for sale on the elementary school lawn (attended by Caleab, Calum, Rudy Mae, and myself), and Cyclops, “An epic festival of handmade goods, music, culture and DIY wonderfulness” (their own description) (attended by just Caleab, Rudy Mae, and myself). They are on a bit of a smaller scale, but still incredibly lovely to walk around, and of course, there’s always a little snack or two we must indulge in.

The first half of the photographs are from Art on the Lawn.

The second half are from Cyclops.

This is not to say that these two festivals plus the Street Fairs are all that Yellow Springs hosts. There are many, many more throughout the year, each one unique and wonderful in their own way.


Pit Stop

Being one hour away from our closest living relatives, and three hours away from the majority of the rest, we do a lot of road trips. Road trips with a toddler means pit stops (ok, to be honest, it could also be due to the abnormally small bladders that my husband and boys seem to possess). Get out, stretch your legs, squeeze a few drops. And in the case of one of our more recent trips, walk around with your new Ernie you got from Grandma and Grandpa and do not let him go until we reach home.

And in case you were wondering, the boys are home! Just shy of a week now we have been back as a completed family unit and I have been filled with sheer joy. I assure you, there will be a post on all of this soon.


Walks, Walks, Walks…

I have quite a bit of photographs lined up and waiting for their chance to star in a blog, but today we are going to revisit a common theme: Rudy Mae’s walks. She loves them. I love them. And they seem to produce some pretty decent photography.

Little legs are about the cutest thing on the planet.

Attempting stairs on her own.

Rudy holds out the flower we picked so I can see it.

Love the colors.


Caleab, when dealing with his own photography, enjoys editing it and making it as gorgeous as possible. Myself, for a quick fix, when throwing something up on Facebook or the likes, I enjoy a quick vintage edit on BeFunky, but I don’t want to feel like a cheater. So Caleab has been trying to teach me some of the features of Photoshop and I really enjoy changing a beautiful photograph to black and white, or changing the color curves and really enhancing the color of the captured moment. I am planning on eventually using more edited photographs for my blog, but that will take even more time, and we can all see how simply adding a quick raw photograph which does not take much time seems to be getting done a lot less than I would have liked. Until then, though, enjoy this sample of an edited photograph. It is a wonderfully adorable father/daughter moment.

It’s a bit dark; I might have eased up on that during editing, but I liked how the darks made the lights pop. I’m still learning. Either way, the photograph is precious. So there’s that.

Mid-morning Walks

To say it has been hot in these parts lately is an understatement. I do not revel in seeing the thermometer hit the triple digits. Among other things, it puts a serious damper on Rudy Mae’s outdoor time. Yesterday morning, we went out, just after breakfast, to get some time in the fresh air before it started to choke us.

Browns and greens and tans, oh my.

She is always so incredibly happy to be out walking.

Completely unprompted huge smile, although out of context it looks more like she’s yelling or screaming “ARGHHH!!!!”

Just right in the middle of walking, she sat down on the wet street to peer closely at a little tree bud. Must have been important!

She adores any little items, especially ping pong balls, or any kind really. She’s tap tap tapping it on the ground.

Sitting on a big rock.

I cannot even begin to imagine what she is thinking here.

This rock seems so much bigger than it really is when she’s sitting on it.

There was a little dip-in on the rock between her legs filled with all sorts of little pebbles, etc, and she was really interested in digging around in it.

She eventually took to trying to eat the contents of the little dip.

The branches were still very heavy and hanging low from the storm the night before.

One Last Walk

I don’t often toot my own horn, but I must say that I really do have well-behaved, polite, caring, truly amazing children. I absolutely do not take full credit. You know- ‘it takes a village’. When I was still living up north, I had the most stupendous support system. Also, once Caleab came into our lives three and a half years ago, he immediately was a positive role model, parent, and companion to them. They have been in awesome schools, and now more than ever, they are involved in a beautiful, encouraging community. Mix it all up in a big pot of love and the result is my brilliant, handsome young men.

I could imagine that getting a baby sister while being a bit older than the traditional age gap between siblings might be a fun novelty at first, but perhaps quickly wear off. Not in this house. Ziven and Calum are still just as taken by her as day one. They love playing with her. They get extremely exciting with every little accomplishment she makes. They love helping her, and helping us by watching her when we need to wash a few dishes or use the toilet. They are so incredibly in love with her that I fully believe that if there was any hardship on their part of leaving us for the summer, that it would not have much to do with Caleab and I, but rather not wanting to leave Rudy Mae.

The Sunday evening before they left, Calum stayed the night at a friend’s house, so Caleab, Ziven, Rudy Mae and I went for a walk, at first out in front of our house, and then we went up to town to walk around a bit. Ziven really enjoyed this special time he got with her, not having to compete with Calum to help hold her hand or pick her up to cross the street. It was very bittersweet.

They were so happy to be out walking together.

What a smile!

Ziven was laughing because she was crying and freaking out because she wanted to keep walking but I just wanted a quick picture. This is as good as we got and I just gave up. Let the girl walk!

She would be happy just to walk around all day long. See ya!

Caleab and Rudy are the sweetest father/daughter pair :)

Walking around Yellow Springs, we stopped for a little rest on this little stone wall.

This was between formal ‘smile!’ photographs. The candidness really captures how much he loves her.

She was being very silly; look at that little gremlin face! She was cracking Ziven up.