I Hate A Tease.

The weather gets nice, then goes back to nasty bitterness. I can see spring just up ahead, then winter is slapping me in the face again. I’m getting really tired of it. Not to mention that everybody in my house has some level of sickness and I’m sure the bipolar weather is not helping it at all.

Yesterday, the weather was nice again (today it’s pretty foul) so what did Rudy and I do? How predictable can I get: we went on a little walk. There, sadly, is just not much to post about right now. I’ll get more creative soon, I promise, once my foggy-winter-head clears up.





A Brief Warm-up

Taking full advantage of the oddly warm weather yesterday, Rudy Mae and I ventured out for a (wet and mucky) walk. She was so happy to be out of the house in fresh air, as was I. We really had a lovely time.




Please hurry, Spring.

Those Winter Blues

I feel them starting: those nasty, wasty winter blues. I just want green. Warmth. Brightness. Sunshine. Fresh air. I feel kind of bad, I wish I could love all seasons equally, but I am really over winter. This one hasn’t even been particularly harsh or anything but it’s just making me feel blah. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve been ill. Either way, I was living vicariously through photographs earlier and I think we all could use a little dose of some August Gems. Maybe I can will warmer weather to start soon if I keep posting photographs like these.


Wouldn’t you know it, she found a hole in the road. She loves to dig around in anything that has to do with dirt/rocks/pebbles/etc.

Mid-morning Walks

To say it has been hot in these parts lately is an understatement. I do not revel in seeing the thermometer hit the triple digits. Among other things, it puts a serious damper on Rudy Mae’s outdoor time. Yesterday morning, we went out, just after breakfast, to get some time in the fresh air before it started to choke us.

Browns and greens and tans, oh my.

She is always so incredibly happy to be out walking.

Completely unprompted huge smile, although out of context it looks more like she’s yelling or screaming “ARGHHH!!!!”

Just right in the middle of walking, she sat down on the wet street to peer closely at a little tree bud. Must have been important!

She adores any little items, especially ping pong balls, or any kind really. She’s tap tap tapping it on the ground.

Sitting on a big rock.

I cannot even begin to imagine what she is thinking here.

This rock seems so much bigger than it really is when she’s sitting on it.

There was a little dip-in on the rock between her legs filled with all sorts of little pebbles, etc, and she was really interested in digging around in it.

She eventually took to trying to eat the contents of the little dip.

The branches were still very heavy and hanging low from the storm the night before.