A Brief Warm-up

Taking full advantage of the oddly warm weather yesterday, Rudy Mae and I ventured out for a (wet and mucky) walk. She was so happy to be out of the house in fresh air, as was I. We really had a lovely time.




Please hurry, Spring.


In The Trash

Wood and nails.

We passed by a garbage can topped with naily wood while on a walk a little ways back. I know it’s not too cold to go out for walks now, but it’s just not as comfortable as when it’s a bit warmer. This photograph makes me long for spring.

Coffehouse Crouching

Rudy Mae

I have been a little under the weather, two separate occasions with barely any time at all between them. I have thus been slacking on anything “ericanichole” related and I was itching to get something up, but a) since I have not been doing much, there’s not much to post and b) since I have to go to work soon, I really think I ought to nap so I don’t feel like double crud before a long shift. So, I wanted to make this short and sweet. This photograph was taken a week or two ago when my husband and I went to our local coffee shop with Rudy Mae for a quick pick me up (chai tea for me, hot chocolate for him, and a blueberry muffin for all).



More shots from Young’s Jersey Dairy. I am completely ignorant on dairy farming equipment so please excuse my unfamiliarity with the proper names of these Martian-looking silo-things. I thought they looked neat, whatever they are.


[As I get photos and writings prepared for more Christmas Present “Hauls” (for lack of a better word), I am doing a few “hold over” posts with some photographs that I took, mostly from a few months ago, that I really love but for some reason or another, did not make an appearance in a blog post. Enjoy.]


At our local ice cream heaven, Young’s Jersey Dairy.

Some Favorite Presents – Toddler Version

As the holiday season really kicks into gear, I thought it might be fun to showcase some of the presents we have received, to be able to share with those who are interested what things we were super excited about. Today, I am going to show a couple of Rudy Mae’s presents that she is really loving from Caleab and I.

These photographs are a mixture of two presents, both of them from the company Melissa & Doug. The first one we purchased at our local toy store here in Yellow Springs, Mr. Fub’s Party. It’s called “Pizza Party” and is a wooden play food set that the individual pieces stick together with velcro. The second is called “Wooden Kitchen Accessory Set” and we bought it on Amazon.com. It consists of three wooden pots and pans with lids, two wooden utensils and an oven mitt.

Rudy picking a topping off of her pizza.

Rudy picking a topping off of her pizza. This topping we call “Veggie-roni” instead of “Pepperoni”.

Oven-mitt and 'za.

What Rudy really likes to do is take all of the pizza toppings and put them into the big red pot and stir it up.

What Rudy really likes to do is take all of the pizza toppings and put them into the big red pot and stir it up.

Pizza Topping Stew.

Outdoor Playtime

Being the youngest in a family where even your siblings are 10 years your senior, you almost live as an only child. Rudy Mae’s brothers are extremely involved with her, but they are almost more like a second set of mini-parents than siblings. When it comes to peer-interaction, Rudy is lacking, and sometimes that worries me as far as learning important life skills like sharing, playing nice, etc. Luckily, I have a friend in town in a very similar situation whose baby daughter is 3 months Rudy’s junior. Therefore, we try to get the girls together often so they can play and learn. Mostly this was being done at a house, or even a local coffee shop, but a couple Wednesdays ago, Victoria asked me to join her instead at a local playgroup that meets at a playground for approximately 2 hours in the morning. It is attended by kids from about 11 months up to almost 3 years old. It was a lovely time and Rudy Mae and Ainslee Mae continued to solidify their friendship and thoroughly enjoy each others company.

Ainslee Mae and Rudy Mae share a slide at the park.

Rudy is still a little more hesitant than Ainslee.

She’s saying “bebe” in a terribly goofy voice.

Shhh…don’t tell: we got this toy for Rudy Mae for Christmas because she loved playing with it with Ainslee so much!

A Few Halloween Treats

We get pretty excited about holidays in our house, but for some reason this year, Halloween has seemed to have gotten swept under the rug. Oh, we have costumes picked out and a few decorations up, but usually it is all on a much grander scale. I did manage to catch a few things in photograph that had something or another to do with Halloween and I present them here for your viewing pleasure:

“You talkin’ to me?”

Just a Baby Spider-man browsing through the store, no big deal.


Rudy Mae thoroughly enjoyed these Spider-man glasses.

She really loves hats. She will leave them on forever.

Part of the costume we decided on. At that moment she actually did NOT love hats and refused to wear the gnome hat/beard that completes the look.

Yellow Springs holds an annual Zombie Walk every year. The boys have always enjoyed participating, but this year we took Roo up too. I’m not sure how she felt…(I promise, she thought it was fun. That zombie is my friend Natalie and Rudy knows her.)

Ziven opted to be a zombie hunter this year.

I just can’t ever be serious, and if there’s any time to be serious, it’s when you’re being attacked by a zombie.

Calum was your typical zombie and did quite a splendid job at it. Creep. (I cropped this photograph because two of Calum’s friends were in it and out of respect for them and their parents, I did not want to included them not knowing if they would be okay with it.)

They were setting off paper laterns at the Zombie Walk and in the midst of all the doom and creepiness, it was a rather lovely moment of calm.

Happy Halloween to you and yours!