A Quick Summary

I am so many things, but mostly I am a mother. I am lucky to be the mother of three absolutely amazing children: Ziven- 13, Calum- 11, and Rudy Mae- 1. That is closely followed by being a wife. I am so incredibly lucky to be married to Caleab: a ridiculously talented musician, artist, person. We live in the village of Yellow Springs, Ohio. Our family is pretty creative and I have a huge urge to start tapping into that more. This blog could be one of those outlets.

3 thoughts on “A Quick Summary

  1. Alright, this is getting a bit creepy, lol! being a wife and mother (daughter 26, a photographer rachelzeephotography.com, as you probably already know moms just gotta brag. I always say it comes along with giving birth!) is the highlight of my life, My husband is an artist and I am a photographer (although not at all professional I would love to be good enough to sell some!). So I’d say we are a pretty creative family too. We live in California, but are you sure we’re not related?? :)

    • Hahaha, what a way to find a distant cousin :) I really am loving all of these things that we have in common! Definitely a wonderful side benefit from having a blog. I never realized that I would in a sense “meet people” that I relate so well too. I really started doing this for myself and my far away family (which apparently you are!) and now I feel like I’m a part of a really awesome online community. Where about in California are you?

      • Hey cous’, lol! We are on the central coast in Pacific Grove, in the Monterey, Pebble Beach, Carmel and Big Sur area. It’s beautiful here and people come from all over the world to see the coastline. Sometimes too many of them! But it’s expensive to live here. Well I guess most of CA is, but being in a tourist, and a very wealthy (well not us but our neighbors in Carmel and Pebble Beach sure are!) community it’s a bit higher. But we do have mild weather, although it’s been getting down into the 40’s for the last 3 weeks or so and we think we’re going to freeze to death. We are such babies! Since I love to garden it’s nice to be able to have annuals that will overwinter. I can’t believe I’ve had flowers blooming since early last spring. I did some late plantings but I didn’t expect to have flowers this late (or early) in the year. Tell me about Yellow Springs, by the name it sounds interesting. I’m a very frustrated un-traveler so I love to hear about other places!

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