Penny Lane

Penny Lane is easily the feline with the biggest personality I have ever known in my life. Going into this in detail could be an incredibly lengthy blog post, and maybe some day I will elaborate, but for now, I am just going to touch on her bath antics. Whenever Rudy Mae gets a bath, if Penny Lane is not in the room with us, she will sit outside the door meowing and crying and carrying on until we let her in. She is so curious about what is going on in the tub and she wants to be a part of it. She will sit on the edge of the tub observing, she will drink the water (which we highly discourage because heavens knows that if Rudy sees us allowing Penny to drink bath water, she will think that she should be allowed), she will gather up her courage and almost climb in, and then at the last moment pull back up and remain safe on the ledge. All the while, Rudy thinks it is too funny, that is until Penny Lane starts licking the water off of one of her bath toys.

Penny Lane and Rudy Mae

Penny and Rudy



Bath time

Let me get it out of the way: our bathroom is surely the number one worst room in our house for lighting but I really enjoy documenting all parts of our day. Now that it’s been noted, let’s move on.

Rudy Mae is getting so big and so bright. She amazes us every day and makes us die laughing every minute. She’s got quite the personality. Today at bath time, she was trying to unzip her sleeper herself and was having a bit of trouble. When I stepped in to help, she didn’t just forget about it and let me do it, she had to watch very intently as if to mentally document what I was doing differently so that she could do it on her own next time. I really love this girl.

Bath time.

Also, do you know how much better bath time is when you are serenaded through the whole process?


A Favorite Activity

Some things that Rudy Mae is really into, I hope will not stick, like the dumping out the cats’ food and water or trying to eat the loose litter bits that the cats kick out of the litter box. There is one thing, however, that I hope is an indicator of her future hygiene habits: she absolutely loves brushing her teeth. She doesn’t quite have the proper technique down yet, but as long as the drive is there, that is all I care about. The day before the boys left, I snapped a few shots of Rudy and Calum partaking in this activity.

Sitting on the toilet, Rudy enjoys her teeth brushing routine.

Calum and Rudy Mae brush their pearly whites together.

Rudy feels like it is her duty to help make sure everyone brushed the best they could.